Wednesday, November 30, 2005


Well maybe it wasn't that much shorter....sorry for the novel. Next time maybe just a short story or a line like THIS?

My Birthday...... :) 2nd attempt (shorter version way shorter)

Ok for my FIRST official post that I am hoping records (this time) which will now be the condensed version because I do not like repeating might all be glad of that. ;D

About my birthday....I always forget it...until my wonderful husband says " Happy Birthday HONEY!". And then I'm like oh's today! But then you get busy with other things and quickly forget till your wonderful friends and family remind you throughout the day. Like....

Chrissy set up this cool picnic for Me, Micah, Chrissy& Joshua. It was great fun watching Joshua be facinated with every rock, stick and dirt clod within eye sight. (of course I am easily amused with anything he does) But he is a collector of interesting things just like his Dad and he is interested in EVERYTHING! Must be a sign of genius! Runs on both sides.... ;D Then She arranged that Micah and Joshua could take me to the Mesa Art museum to show me around and hang with Micah some. What FUN! Micah has always wanted to show me that place and it was so awesome. Loved the fountains and water features, even the buildings are art. And now I have one other cool place to shoot.
Thanks Chrissy it was a great birthday present for me!!! Love you guys!!!

did some errands and then went to see another birthday girl....Tiffy! Since we share the same day I had to see her and wish her Happy Bday! If your within earshot Tiffy...glad your day was awesome! :D You are a great gal that the Lord will use to further his kingdom. Love you!

Then it was late and I headed home to dear friends Kevin, Kathy and family had made dinner and a birthday cake for me! And David had brought over steaks for us all and got me my favorite sparkling cider and K&K found a bottle of wine like the one I had in Italy many moons ago. (the only kind of wine I like-tastes more like 7-up ) Then Keith gave me a surprising gift was a personalized licence plate! Which you plan months in advance (which always scores big on the scale of you did GOOD) such thoughtfulness is always apprecitated! And with a name like mine it is cool cause it is different. :D

Then I recieved a call from someone singing Happy Birthday on the phone and it sounded JUST like Luke! SO i said LUUUKE! They kept on singing and i realized it was my brother Bob! (he sounds a lot like Luke) What a great was good catching up. Love you Bob!

Then another phone call and it was Luke and that capped the day... the last voice I wanted to hear. AND he made me a blog for my birthday and the words Happy Birthday Mom on it just made me cry...I know I am a bonified WIMP!!! Certified in everyway.... but still no one to be trifled with so don't get any ideas! Love you Luke....

Then of course we had cake...done regular style, Lott family style and Killough style....(that is alot of style if you ask me!) That means alot of singing and some cake in your face (killough Mordida) Tried to convince them that I was beyond that point, age, reach whatever...but they didn't buy it... so I did. ( but you know ME...I shared with EVERYONE! I am a TRUE includer!)
So thanks for all the FUN and Love....I LOVE You guys!!!

And thanks to all the awesome friends who emailed and gave their warm hugs and wishes...YOU know who you are!!! Big HUG!

Love me

Thanks to all the awesome friends who have rememberers that don't quit...wish mine worked as well as yours. I LOVE YOU ALL...

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I love you. I still have a lot of work to do on this, but it'll get there. If you have some pics you want me to put up in a format similar to mine, let me know. You will have to post them somewhere on the web in order for me to do that though...or email them to me, and I can use them without them being visible anywhere on the web except your blog. I think I may be able to make sortof a collage (sp) for your background from pictures you've taken (instead of just one picture, like my flag). I haven't played with that idea yet though, so it'll be some fun experimenting for me.

Anyway, Here's your sight. Enjoy, and know I love you tons.