Wednesday, December 28, 2005

3rd image...

Hey so I tried writing the scripture at the top in the clouds
and that didn't seem to work. Too much going on up there
SO I put them below. Does it get lost down there? Not
sure I have much options in this photo.
Thanks for the input so far..... :)


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A few more pics...

If you click on the picture hopefully it will get larger and you can read the verse.
But if not the verse is from Isa. 1:18 Come now let us reason together, says the Lord. "Though your sins be as scarlet they shall be white as snow, though they be as crimson they shall be as wool."
So any takers as to whether the verse could work with this image? Any thoughts on another verse? I like it because to me it can either give the feel of a couple who know and understand some hard things and that they are sitting in darkness emphasizes that. Another way I have looked at it is.... the comfort he is giving her (anyone know who that couple is besides David and Luke?) at the moment feels like how God would comfort us...although they were just posing :D So I might have to find another source of input since I only got two comments on the photos. Well I will post a few more and we shall see.... Love yall! Sheesh

Monday, December 26, 2005

This is the FIRST TIME ever I have added Text to an image! Sounds like nothing and to most it is nothing, but for some reason I have always been afraid of dealing with text and images? I thought that it was hard for some reason...nothing could be further from the truth. ( Of course I have done the simplest of text I am sure) But what a relief to finally do it, and conquer one more silly fear.
Which just makes me think many fears I let hold me back!
And much thanks to all my friends and family that have encouraged me over the years to move beyond what I think I can handle or am ready for. Luke encouraged me to go digital and it took me a while to make the move but I was SO glad I did. David helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel regarding organizing (not my gift) my images ( a monumental task of thousands of images) and showed me how to do it and then HELPED me do it! Rebecca spurs me on to think the crazy impossible (she doesn't see it that way) and for some reason she makes it seem not so big? Don't know HOW she does that?! Ther have been many friends and family members who have encouraged this slow as mud person to move upward...thank you for your amazing patience....don't quit on me even though I tend towards fear of failure in these areas therefore I move slowly. I need a kick in the seat every so often!
So anyways this is the first of my images I would like your thoughts on for Image book (still not sure what it will look like?) Not sure if it will be thematic...and I will have to focus on shooting other images to go with the theme? Or if it does not need to be thematic? So if you have any constructive criticism, I don't have a problem with that at all. It helps to see things from a different perspective. So yea? Nea? Would this be a good image for those purposes? What about the verse? And the font? I don't have many options with the font...I don't have alot of fonts. I need to find some places on the web where I can get free or cheap fonts. Let me know if you know anything. Thanks for your comments.
Love Sheesh

New Challenge.....

Ok a couple days ago a Dear girfriend of mine (Rebecca) challenged me to put out a book of my pictures with scriptures. My first reaction was... " I DON'T have Enough pictures of the same thematic topic to put out a BOOK?!" And she said..." It doesn't have to be thematic! I have seen lots of coffee table books that were not thematic! And if you don't start it you will be like me knowing I am supposed to write a book and not doing it ever! So I want to see TWO pictures with TWO scriptures by Friday!" (lol) I replied ...."OK you got it. AND I want to see TWO pages of your book by Friday ....Printed OUT! NO Excuses!! ;) " She laughed and said Great I need an accountability partner! So here I go.... (she thinks I can sell them to bookstores etc...etc... I think ummm....maybe more like to churches or our supporters for missions trips? Really hard to imagine a book of mine selling in a store! :P Anyways so I was thinking that I might use my blog to gets some thoughts of yea or nea on a picture here or there or some ideas for a scripture with a picture here or there from you guys. I always like feedback. So I will be posting a pictures for review soon. Let me know what yall think ok.
Love Sheesh

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Keith and David just after he came off the plane

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Keith and team mate Michael wearing Pakistani hat

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Keith is HOME! :)

We picked him up from the airport yesterday (David and I) and he looked good, lost some weight and looked like a wooley mammoth but much smaller version. That just means he had more beard than I had ever seen before. He was very tired but had lots of stories to tell about his trip. He had a debriefing today from 8-12pm today so he had to miss church but I am sure he was happy to see the guys he spent to amazing weeks with one more time before they headed off to their various locals throughout the US.
Maybe I can get him to write a few stories and post a few pics on my blog? That would be cool. We will see. We have much to do right now. We still have two more mission trips to plan for here in the near future. One to Mexico and another to Turkey - Lebanon in the summer. So there is lots of work to do to get ready for those. I am going to try to post a few pictures at the airport...maybe a before too.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Keith comes home tommorrow

Well it has been an interesting two weeks and I definately have missed Keith being here. Tomorrow he comes home. Although I know he would have loved to stay and help and I would have loved for him to stay and help where there was such great need. Since he could not I am glad he is coming home now. :)
Tomorrow is a full day...I have a family portrait at 9am then off to pick up prints for a client then an engagement shoot at 2pm then off to pick up Keith at the airport with David. :D

Looking forward to passing on some stories here.

That's all for now....

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Link to slide show of Pakistan area

If you go to this link, it will take you to a news site and on the right panel look for Dan Shearers name (also for My Mesa) and under that you will see the slide show link with some 28 images including the one of Keith with the boy below. It will give you a glimpse into a little bit of the area that Keith and the others are working in. It helped me put some visuals to it.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Keith with boy who lost his foot in Quake

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New Update on Keith (and maybe a picture if I can figure that part out?)

I got an email from Dan Shearer again with and update on Keith. When I was praying for Keith one of the things the Lord told me was that Keith and Dan would meet become friends and that we all would meet when they got back. So it was really cool to get this email. I was heartsick when he told me about Keith being sick (he had been sick for about 3 weeks before he left but was on the mend) but the picture Dan sent of Keith made me feel much better! He had that great Keith smile and twinkle in his eye so I knew everything was ok.... ( hopefull I can figure out how to get this picture on my blog....LUKE HELP.... ;) Well I will let you read the other prayer request. Keep praying. Keith will be back on the 17th! Dan's email below~

I went back to Balakot today, a hard-hit area about an hour north of the PAI office, and Keith was there. I took a photo of him but am not at a place where I can attach photos. I think I can get it to you sometime Wed., though, so watch your in box. He was up in the mountains and became ill so came down early. He's been helping out at base camp, and walking the streets talking with people (a natural gift for him, I discovered. We walked together for about 2 hours.) Pray for him - he has struck up a friendship with the boy in the photo I will send (the boy lost his foot in the quake) and is seeking permission to give the boy a Bible. It could be a sensitive move, so he's seeking counsel of long-term workers in the area. We're supposed to be here working, not handing out literature. But I think this is a special case. But I don't make the decisions. He's feeling much better. He and I are on the same flight home, actually, so I might meet you at the airport. My wife is Carol, will have three children w/her (I assume!) if you happen to be there waiting. Keith says to tell you he loves and misses you, too! And, yes, he said you're the one who normally shoots the photos, but he's snapping a lot of shots. Dan

Sunday, December 11, 2005

GOOD NEWS from Pakistan!

I wrote the newspaper guy (Dan Shearer) on his blog and asked about the luggage and he responded.... I will copy the posts....

12/09/05 @ 14:32
Dan,My husband is with the Az group. I was wondering if the men who did not get their backpacks finally did? Or did they go without them? I have passed this info to alot of friends who are praying for the whole situation including getting their luggage.If you see a Keith Killough would you let him know that his wife, family and friends are praying.Thanks so much!She-She
Comment from: dan6372
12/09/05 @ 15:52
That I know of, all luggage has arrived. I was gone for a couple of days, but when I got back, mine was here. This is nothing short of a miracle, from what I understand. Dan Shearer

Praise God! What good news. Thank you all for praying for the men in Pakistan who are helping the Pakistani people through horrendous times. Keep praying for them to be Light and Salt to all they meet and the Presense of God to be powerful among them as well as wisdom and boldness to share at the right time.

Love you all!!!


Friday, December 09, 2005

The Blog Link to the Pakistan group

Hey anyone interested in keeping up on any information we have from the Az Group in Pakistan... this is our only link. (that I know of) He is a newspaper guy with them and he updates as often as he can....( I don't expect alot) He did not say in his update today if anyone got their backpacks yet.

Thanks for praying ....keep it up. :)


Thursday, December 08, 2005

Please Pray- Updates on Pakistan& Micah, Chrissy & Joshua

Here is an update from some of the teams in Pakistan....not sure whose teams yet...not sure if it was Keiths or others...but they all need prayer regardless... copied this from the email sent me from Mark S.

"Ah, the best laid plans. Nine of us arrived in Islamabad a few hours ago but our luggage is somewhere between Hong Kong and Pakistan. Probably closer to Hong Kong. If this were a vacation, the most we'd have to wrestle with is having to go buy a new swim suit. But this isn't a vacation, and the luggage holds the cold-weather gear of a group of men who want to get to the mountains as soon as possible to build shelters for villagers who face death by cold with each passing night. We're hoping it arrives tonight. But one man whose luggage went missing a week ago is still waiting. We'll go, one way or another. It just might be a lot more uncomfortable than anticipated. And we anticipated a lot of discomfort. " Btw this is not from Keith, but from one of the men on one of their teams.

Also there will be an update Tomorrow Friday the 9th on KTAR 620am on the radio dial and also Monday the 12th @ 6:50 am Arizona time. (pray they can find a working phone) So plan on listening in.

Micah, Chrissy & Joshua~ this is from their updated blog....

Hello from Ecuador everyone! I don't have time to send an update to our e-mail list (it is in 6 different lists) but I thought I'd post a quick update on here real fast. We will be leaving for Manta on Sunday. We will be staying a week and than be going to Rio Bamba to visit the orphange. We will stay there through Christmas. Its pretty cold there so be praying for that. Not terribly cold, but there is no such thing as heaters here and hot water is verrry rare. Joshua is coming down with a cold so please be praying for him to get better. He is still trying to figure everything out and is being a real grump. I do not know what to do about it, so please reallly be praying for that, especially with all the driving coming up and moving to different houses again as we travel. Things here are going pretty good though, we have been able to get around a lot and meet with some of the folks at the church. Theres a lot more to say, but we'll just ask you all to pray about those few things for now. We love you all. Chrissy (for all of us)"

Thanks for all who are praying! Love you all....

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Another Big Farewell - (for 12 days)

Keith leaves on Monday for Pakistan (my hubby) and he is very busy gathering supplies for his trek up the Hymalayans...(kind of sounds like a pleasure trip hiking the Hymalayans) but this is not pleasure trip, except that it is a pleasure to serve the King of Kings.
He will be going to help the Kashmiri people in the mountain regions where the earthquake killed some 86K people and left some 3 million homeless. It has been a race against the snow... and it looks like the snow is winning at this point because it has begun to snow and many people are coming down with pneumonia they have no place to keep warm...the hospitals are having a hard time keeping up.
He will be going with a team of men to erect temporary shelters from the cold and to help the people in any way he can. They will have interpreters so they can understand and speak with the people and teach them how to do what they are doing as well.
They aren't bringing much food. They have to carry everything on their backs, so you have to travel as light as possible. (which is not as easy as it sounds!)
David has been helping Dad with getting ready for this trip which is a huge help. They are out right now trying to find some shoes that he can hike with...kind of late to break them in so that will be a challenge.

Some things to pray about....

For the Presence of the Lord to be strong on their Team

For great wisdom, discernment and boldness in sharing the Good News.

Opportunities to Love the people and open doors to share.

Manna from Heaven...that the Lord will provide all they need.

Protection from sickness

Strength for the tasks ahead, and great Grace.

For many lives saved through the efforts of all that are coming to help and Jesus is seen there among the people.

finances to come in for this trip.

Thank you for praying... we appreciate your prayer :)

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Farewells- mix of joy and sadness

Well Micah, Chrissy and Joshua are well on their way to Ecuador now. We all saw them off this morning early. Don't know that it has fully sunken in yet. Wow. We are so excited for them and yet will miss them too. (just like we do Luke since he has been gone- yet we are truly proud of all he does as he serves the Lord with all he is in God's grace) The same applies to Micah and Chrissy. Although the distance is a little harder to breach...Luke calls all the time...PRAISE GOD... but it will be harder for them to call frequently.
Lord bless their comings and their steps and give them favor everywhere they go... Open doors of opportunity to share Jesus left and right. Empower them by your grace and Presence to speak boldly the truth and goodness of the Gospel. Help them to adapt to the culture during their 3 month stay and help Chrissy learn the language quickly. Give her a tutor hand picked by you. Put your hand of protection over them in every way. Pour out wisdom and discernment for every occasion and help them tune into what the Spirit is saying as they go about their decisions and plans and relationships. Use them to Love, serve and bless the people they minister with and minister to. Help Joshua to adapt to his new surroundings and language quickly...Protect him from sickness, cover him with your presence. You know Lord....
We bless you ~ You are so good and faithful!