Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Temporary Interuption of pictures to bring you this important Message....

The only way to wax eloquent in my book (that means me) is to use what IS eloquent all the time...the Word. So this is my Word for the Day. And if I can put a funny cute picture of the cutest kid alive today (and currently residing in Ecuador) I will do it hopefully by link....we will see. ;)

Rev.2:4 I have one thing against you, you have left your first Love. REMEMBER the height from which you have fallen, REPENT and DO the things you did at first. IF you don't turn around, I WILL COME to you and REMOVE your Lampstand from it's place! (Your light, Your influence to those all around)

Isa.60:2 See (Look) Darkness covers the earth and Thick darkness is over the peoples (can you See it? It is Everywhere!!)- But the Lord rises upon you and his Glory appears over you (WHOA)- Nations will come to your Light and KINGS to the brightness of your dawn. (but not if he removes our lampstand from it's place!} Lord let your Glory appear over me, Rise upon me, Let the Nations come to THAT Light and KINGS to the brightness of YOUR Dawn. Father help me to Remember and do the things I did at first. Be my one and only First LOVE. My heart is Yours.

Click on this link and HOPEFULLY you will see...a most amazing picture... :D

No predjudice here! ;)

Will return to the regularly scheduled program after this short message.....


At 1:02 PM, Blogger Sheeztrue said...

Sorry the link does not work! Bummer. LUKE where are you? I need your help! Ok if I can't do it the cool way I will send it by regular means. :)

At 2:09 PM, Blogger FL PT said...

Thanks for the scriptures Sheesh. They are very humbling and get the wheels in the brain turning back to where they need to be.

Btw, cute pic and quote!

At 3:21 PM, Blogger Sheeztrue said...

Ya that one is not for the book just for fun. Cause he is so cute!! And Chrissy (his mom always says Joshua do you want some milky?) lol And since he is nursing all the time since they have been in Ecuador it is really fitting.

Thanks Angie. :)

At 9:12 PM, Blogger David Killough said...

Great verses mom, sobering to think about. Love you!


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